Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rollin' in the Dough

Well school's out, and summertime is here at last! Although I didn't move back to good ole Cottonwood, I'm still enjoyin everyday of my vacation to the fullest! Although this summer has a theme for me, and that is to make some money!! All throughout high school I never really had a steady job besides the occasional working in my pop's this summer has been my chance to get out into the working world and experience a little taste of the grown-up life.
One of the biggest blessings so far this summer has been my friend Meagan Crafts. She not only provided me with a rent-free room living with her fam in Spanish Fork, UT, but she also scored me a job at her family's catering business Culinary Crafts! And since my major is Hospitality, it was right up my alley! Working at Culinary has definitely been a learning experience thus far, and always keeps me on my toes which is one of my favorite things about the job. I get to attend lots of wedding receptions, which are always a joy, and am loving learning all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes along with planning an event.
Another plus about this job is the wonderful people I get to work with! The event staff are so much fun and definitely make the long hours that we work fly by. And to top it all off, I even get paid!! Scored big with this one, that's for sure.

After my first 11 hour shift! I was exhausted, but still had dishes to wash! 
 Another one of my working adventures this summer has been my first job that I got all my myself! No thanks to friends or family connections, I worked for CollegeWorks Painting! That's right, painting!! As in working outside from 8-6 painting the outside of houses. Notice the past tense however...ha I worked for one day. Although I worked my tail off, and my awesome manager Randy was very pleased by my attitude and how well I did for my first day of painting, there wasn't a spot for me on the team...and that was it :( It was a learning experience for sure! And although it was only one day, I was still proud of myself that I actually went through with it and painted a whole house in one day! With the help of my two co-painters of course. It sure was interesting...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here We Go...

Well, I've always kinda made fun of people for blogging and couldn't really see myself doing it persay, but then this afternoon while procrastinating doing homework, I found myself reading a bunch of different blogs and it kinda seemed like a fun thing to do, so here I am! Plus this way, I don't have to tell about 50 different people what I've been up to, I'll just tell them to read my blog, ha just kiddin' wouldn't really say that, but I think you catch my drift.

Life has been busy busy busy lately and I've been loving it! Because without having time to sit around and think about things makes time go by faster then ever!! I mean I'm almost done with my Freshman year of college for goodness sakes! 

Lately, most of my free time (if you can call it that) has been consumed by track, which, in college, is a full time job. I love all the fun places I get to go and compete and feeling like part of a team is always wonderful! Our indoor season just ended not too long ago and I even got to go to Fargo, ND for our conference meet! Although I didn't compete as well as I'd like, which is more often the case, I was grateful for all the experience that I've gained thus far!

Icing our shin splints at our first indoor meet at Idaho State! 

Mary and I enduring the long bus rides :) Love this girl!

And with going to lots of cool places comes lots of LONG bus, plane, and van rides. Heck I think I've spent more time on a bus this past semester than anything else!! But it all comes with the task I guess...And one of the best parts about college track vs. high school is that we get meal money!! Everytime we go somewhere our coach gives us some money so that we can pay for our meals, and all the money that we don't spend we get to keep which is a nice little bonus. So not only do I get a little extra spending money every now and then, but we also get to eat out A LOT! haha

Another fun thing that our girls team did for conference this year was we all got jedi braids. (Well, that's not really what they're called but that's what I like to call them) So, as good a teammate as Shelby is, she put jedi braids complete with string and beads in all our hair!! And I gotta admit, I love mine and still have it in! haha I think it might be what helped our girls team get 2nd at conference, just behind North Dakota State!

We also painted our nails with SUU spirit!! :)
Chelsea and I pumped for competition!
Since we don't have a PV coach, we gotta rely on each other for much needed advice!
Gettin ready to rock the runway! I ended up clearing 10' at Conference, which was my indoor PR.