Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rollin' in the Dough

Well school's out, and summertime is here at last! Although I didn't move back to good ole Cottonwood, I'm still enjoyin everyday of my vacation to the fullest! Although this summer has a theme for me, and that is to make some money!! All throughout high school I never really had a steady job besides the occasional working in my pop's this summer has been my chance to get out into the working world and experience a little taste of the grown-up life.
One of the biggest blessings so far this summer has been my friend Meagan Crafts. She not only provided me with a rent-free room living with her fam in Spanish Fork, UT, but she also scored me a job at her family's catering business Culinary Crafts! And since my major is Hospitality, it was right up my alley! Working at Culinary has definitely been a learning experience thus far, and always keeps me on my toes which is one of my favorite things about the job. I get to attend lots of wedding receptions, which are always a joy, and am loving learning all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes along with planning an event.
Another plus about this job is the wonderful people I get to work with! The event staff are so much fun and definitely make the long hours that we work fly by. And to top it all off, I even get paid!! Scored big with this one, that's for sure.

After my first 11 hour shift! I was exhausted, but still had dishes to wash! 
 Another one of my working adventures this summer has been my first job that I got all my myself! No thanks to friends or family connections, I worked for CollegeWorks Painting! That's right, painting!! As in working outside from 8-6 painting the outside of houses. Notice the past tense however...ha I worked for one day. Although I worked my tail off, and my awesome manager Randy was very pleased by my attitude and how well I did for my first day of painting, there wasn't a spot for me on the team...and that was it :( It was a learning experience for sure! And although it was only one day, I was still proud of myself that I actually went through with it and painted a whole house in one day! With the help of my two co-painters of course. It sure was interesting...

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